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ToyWatch: A Unique Blend of Toy and Wrist Watch

What Reebok and Nike are for shoes, Calvin Klein and Monte Carlo are for garments and diamond-platinum are for jewelry sets, ToyWatch is for wrist watches. It is a name that is known to people, especially kids and teenagers across the world. Not a grand old brand but it is certainly a trade name that has conquered the world market and won billions of hearts within a short span of time. Stylish looks and superb performance of the TW watches has made it a global brand.

During its introduction in the year 2005, ToyWatch was just an Italian brand for wristwatches but today it has spread its wings all over Europe. Thanks to Randy Gordon, the owner and Marco Malliva, the designer or the creator, the company has today got its subsidiary, ToyWatch USA in the United States. Though TW is primarily a brand for the kids and youngsters, the watches are favorites of people of all ages. What makes the ToyWatch wristwatches special is that unlike other leading brands like G-Shock and Fast Track, they are not of the sports watch category. TW wristwatches are suitable for all conditions and go well with all kinds of casual outfits.

Though the name ToyWatch is a bit confusing, watches of this brand are very much genuine watches and items to put money on. Made of fine materials and machineries, the watches come at quite affordable prices but last quite long. The watches are made of semi-transparent jelly plastic that make them appear like toys. The watches are available in a wide variety of bright colors that suit kids wearing colorful dresses. The company also offers a wide variety of designs from which you can pick up items according to your kid's age. If your kid is very little and the watch is simply for a show you can select one from the bright colored watches and if he/she is a teenager, you can pick one from the sober colored watches. Watches. Made of soft plastic, the watches are quite light-weighed and are easily bearable on the wrist for long and are totally waterproof which makes them all seasonal. ToyWatch brand wrist watches look good on both boys and girls so there is no need to worry if your beloved daughter is demanding one. To make her even happier, you can take a sweet pink or purple-colored watch. In case of your school going son or daughter you can pick up a black, white or grey watch with sober design.

Great looks and reasonable prices make TW wristwatches a perfect gift item. Presenting kids with TW watches as birthday gift is a common practice in US and that has prompted many gift shops to display collection of ToyWatch wrist watches. Besides, the watches are largely available in watch stores and shops selling electronic items and malls. Thanks to the enormous popularity of the brand, you will not see any dearth in the stocks. What you need to do is select a watch that will either suit your kid's complexion or the one he/she has requested you to buy.

To know about latest collections and new designs that are about to hit the markets, check out the online shops. You will find complete information about the products along with their prices on the catalogs provided by the websites of the shops.